NC State Tree

Pine Tree

Pinus sp.
Adopted 1963

Pine treesThere are eight native species of pine in North Carolina. The shortleaf pine is nearly statewide in distribution. White, pitch, Virginia, and Table Mountain pines are characteristic of the mountains and western Piedmont. Loblolly, pond, and longleaf pines are more typical of the Coastal Plain and eastern Piedmont. Pines provide not only food for birds, squirrels, and various small animals, but also lumber, pulpwood for papermaking, and resins for varnishes and many other commercial products. Prior to 1900 the production of naval stores such as tar and turpentine was important to the economy of eastern North Carolina.


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Native Pines of Eastern North America - A tutorial and "database designed to assist students studying eastern pines." Includes photographs, a glossary, and an Interactive Comparison Tool. From the NCSU College of Forest Resources.