NC State Mammal

Eastern Gray Squirrel

Sciurus carolinensis
Adopted 1969

Eastern Gray Squirrel perched on a branchGray squirrels are found statewide in forests, city parks, and yards with shade trees. Squirrels build bulky nests of twigs and leaves on tree limbs, but they may also use nest boxes or natural cavities. Young are born in spring, and often another litter is produced in the summer. These popular game animals often bury acorns and other seeds that may germinate and grow into trees.


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Squirrel recordings © copyright Lang Elliott

"Gray Squirrels make two primary sounds: a series of softish barks and the loud, harsh calls typical of the species. There are a variety of bird sounds in the background in both recordings, but the squirrel sounds are loud and obvious." - Lang Elliott

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