The NC Museum of Natural Sciences' Dinosaur Illustration Contest for Kids

Congratulations to the Winners:

  • Abby Macko (Raleigh), 1st place, 14-18, “Spinosaurus Fishing” 
  • Rebekah Stone (Cary), 2nd place (tie), 14-18, “Lunch at the Daily Planet”
  • Elizabeth Alvord (Cary), 2nd place (tie), 14-18, “Hatchling Seismosaurus”
  • James Epps (Raleigh), 1st place, 9-13, “Alaskan Attack 2.0”
  • Mira Arthur (Clayton), 2nd place, 9-13, “Brachiosaurus”
  • Julian Greenhow (Raleigh), 1st place, 8 and under, “Allie Allosaurus’s Jurassic Adventure””
  • Liam Higgins-Flocke (Lillington), 2nd place, 8 and under, “Ankylosaurus Strong”

Honorable Mentions:

  • Lee Boyce (Jacksonville), 8 and under, “The Dig Site”
  • Arjun Kumar Moluguru, (Frisco, TX), 8 and under, “Ornithomimus and Baryonyx’s world”
  • Marie Ray (Gaffney, SC), 8 and under, “The Lone Dinosaur”
  • John Whistle Spillman (Pittsboro), 8 and under, “The Magalodon”
  • Nishka Goggi (Morrisville), 8 and under, “The Stegosaurus (with crayons)”
  • Leonardo Gonzaga (Rolesville), 8 and under, “Chomp, Chomp, Chomp”
  • Sarah Faith Duguid (Raleigh), 9-13, “The Deadly Raptor”
  • Camille Zehner (Chapel Hill), 9-13, “Thief”
  • Jessie Johnson (Clayton), 9-13, “Elaborate Elasmosaurus”
  • Thaxton Keeton (Clayton), 9-13, “Stegosaurus”
  • Reuben Burroughs (Durham), 9-13, “Dr. Loud”
  • Michael Russo (Zebulon), 14-18, “Raptors Do Have feathers”
  • Lydia Johnson (Clayton), 14-18, “Prowling Velociraptor”
  • Annika Preheim (Browns Summit), 14-18, “Survival: Giganotosaurus”
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About the Contest

Inspired by the World's Largest Dinosaurs special exhibition (running at the Museum through April 12, 2015), the Museum is sponsoring a Dino-Sketch Contest for young artists. 

Kids aged 2-18 are invited to create their best and most realistic version of a dinosaur in its natural habitat for a chance to win a prize and have their drawing displayed in the Museum Store!

  • The contest will accept drawings through March 16, 2015. Winners will be announced on March 23.
  • Each age group (8 and under, 9–13, and 14–18) will have 1st place and 1st runner-up winners with prizes from the Museum Store. 
  • Children can draw, paint or sketch using whatever medium they choose, as long as the drawing is on a standard sheet of paper (8.5”x11”).


Each participant must turn in a submission form, which is available at the Museum Store and online (see above). One submission form per illustration. Limit of 3 illustrations per child. Submission forms must be completed to be considered.

Kids can draw or paint using whatever medium they choose (e.g. crayon, acrylics, water colors and/or pencil) as long as it is on a standard sheet of paper (8.5”x11”).

We encourage kids to use all resources accessible to them to make their illustrations as realistic as possible, however, traced drawings will not be taken into consideration. Computer-generated art or drawings done with the help of an adult will not be accepted in the contest. Drawings left unfinished, or exceeding the measures indicated above will also be disqualified.

Illustrations will only be returned if accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Immediate family members of Museum or Friends of the Museum staff are ineligible.