Skeleton of the dicynodont Placerias, a close relative of the newly-discovered Pentasaurus, with dicynodont trackways (Pentasauropus).

New research solves the 60-year-old paleontological mystery of a “phantom” dicynodont

March 14, 2018

A new study has re-discovered fossil collections from a 19th century hermit that validate “phantom” fossil footprints collected in the 1950s showing dicynodonts coexisting with dinosaurs. Before the dinosaurs, around 260 million years ago, a group of early mammal relatives called dicynodonts were the most abundant vertebrate land animals. These bizarre plant-eaters with tusks and… Read More >

Young Frankenstein (movie)

“Young Frankenstein,” scariest comedy of all time, comes alive at Museum March 23

March 13, 2018

(RALEIGH, N.C.) — It’s coming. From the deep, dark recesses of the mind of Mel “Blazing Saddles” Brooks. It’s “Young Frankenstein,” showing at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Friday, March 23 at 7 p.m. “Young Frankenstein” (1974, PG) stars Gene Wilder as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, an American grandson of the infamous Dr. Victor… Read More >

“Beyond Curie” exhibition opens at N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences, March 24

March 8, 2018

(RALEIGH, N.C.) — We all know Marie Curie. Born Maria Sklodowska, she was a Polish/French scientist who did pioneering research on radioactivity. The first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the first person ever to win it twice, and the only person to win it in two different sciences. She was a legend, and one… Read More >

Reptile & Amphibian Day: March 17, 2018

Here lizard, lizard, lizard . . . Museum hosts Reptile & Amphibian Day, March 17

March 5, 2018

(RALEIGH, N.C.) — From five-lined skinks to green anoles, did you know there are 14 different species of lizard found in North Carolina? Eleven of which are native to the state, and three that are not. Find out more when the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences hosts its 24th annual Reptile & Amphibian Day,… Read More >

Grand Prize winner, "The Maze," by Kevin Nestvogel.

Winning Wildlife Photos on Display at NC Museum of Natural Sciences

February 20, 2018

(RALEIGH, N.C.) — For the second straight year, the Wildlife in North Carolina Photo Competition produced a “first.” In 2016, Frank Ellison became the first photographer to win the Grand Prize two years in a row. The 2017 Photo Competition ended with the first Grand Prize photograph taken with a drone after Kevin Nestvogel took… Read More >