Final Fridays

Do zombies exist? Are there really 40-foot-long anacondas? Did old sci-fi movies get anything right about the 21st Century? On Final Fridays, we’ll explore the often wacky intersection between science and cinema!

Final Fridays takes place on the last Friday of each month. A/V Geeks’ Skip Elsheimer provides a fun night of trivia and tongue-in-cheek commentary on movies from his vault of 24,000 films. Movies are complemented by experts and hands-on science stations related to each night’s theme.

Dinner, drinks (including NC beer and wine) and popcorn will be available to buy before the show. Doors open at 5:30pm with food, drink and science stations available. Movie and presentations start at 7pm.

Final Fridays programs are recommended for ages 12 and up

Admission: $5/person.

Final Fridays Schedule

The Incredible Journey - screenshot

February 24: Enter the Canine Mind: The Incredible Journey (1963)

5:30pm: Food for sale plus interactive exhibit stations that explore the science behind dog behavior; games and activities; and the chance to meet some real police dogs!

7pm: “The Incredible Journey” (1963). Afterward, an expert will speak about the science behind canine navigation.

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Gamera - screenshot

March 31: The Science of Flying Space Turtles: Gamera (1965)

5:30pm: Food for sale plus interactive exhibit stations that explore the science behind turtles, dragons and radiation.

7pm: “Gamera” (1965). Afterward, Yale Astrophysicist Dr. Savan Kharel will talk about his work investigating black holes and string theory.

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Westworld - screenshot

April 28: Westworld (1973)

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Jurassic Park screenshot

May 26: Jurassic Park (1993)

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X-Men - screenshot

June 30: X-Men (2000)

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Ladyhawke - screenshot

July 28: Ladyhawke (1985)

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Jaws - screenshot









August 25: Jaws (1975)

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September 29: Twister (1996)

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