We have over 100 educational stations, crafts, games and activities at BugFest!

Arthropod Olympics
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Become an Arthropod Olympian! Participate in three events: Dung Ball Races, Ant Races and Bee Races and win a medal and all the glory a bug deserves!

Battling Beetles
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Delve into the violent world of large scarab beetles! Learn how males duke it out to win the favor of a female. Test your beetle ID skills at the beetle spinner game!

Bed Bugs
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Enter if you dare-the world of bed bugs! Learn how these parasites have made humans their host!

Bug Bounce and Super Slide Inflatables
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
From hop to jump, kids will delight in bouncing like a cricket and whooshing like a dragonfly in the fabulous inflatables!

BugFest T-Shirt Sales
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Check out the 2018 BugFest t-shirt featuring the our theme arthropod…the crayfish! Vintage shirts will also be available.

Bugs in My Math
Natural Math
Hands-on modeling, minds-on math! From toddlers to teens and those young at heart, everyone can make their own math. Together, let’s make our mathematics beautiful, useful, and kind.

Bug-Themed Hair Accessories
“A Love Atelier” Handmade Accessories
“A Love Atelier” will be selling handmade hair accessories like hair bows, hair clips, headbands, and flower crowns, as well as other accessories like maternity sashes, bow holders, and more. Each of our pieces will be adorned with a cute BUG.

Doodlebugs Chalk Art
Paul Dumlao
Come see colorful chalk illustrations of crayfish by local artist Paul Dumlao! Join in the fun and create your own original designs with sidewalk chalk!

Funky Bug Antenna Crowns
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Honor our buggy friends by dressing up like one! Make your very own Funky Bug Antenna Crown and proudly display your passion for arthropods!

Heroic Horseshoe Crabs
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
It’s a crab! It’s a spider! It’s neither…it’s a horseshoe crab! Come learn about this ancient animal and how they are modern heroes in the biomedical field!

Native Plants
Cure Nursery
Native plants that eat bugs, and plants that bugs eat! Native, perennials, trees, shrubs and more!

Plant Clinic
Wake County Extension Master Gardeners
Information for homeowners for gardening and lawn questions.

Roachingham 500 Cockroach Races
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Watch Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches race! We’ll do a few rounds of Buggy Bingo in between Roach Races, so come check out our station.

Sandy Feat
Navigate to the Plaza to see the one, the only, the AMAZING Sandy Feat Sand Sculpture! This year’s fabulous creation will feature BugFest’s 2018 theme arthropod, the crayfish! Watch as the sculptors etch away the sand to reveal the snazzy crayfish scene, create your own masterpiece at the base and ask questions of the sculptors.

Stag Beetle Battles
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Jump into a stag beetle costume and enter the arena! The battles begin! See if you can triumph over your friend and win the day!

There’s a Bug in My Soup
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
You are what you eat…so you might be a bug! Learn about the all the bugs that are allowed in everyday food products!

Watermedia Painting Demonstration
Stacy Lewis Studio
Stacy Lewis will be creating fun, colorful paintings of some of your favorite arthropods.

What Is a Bug?
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Know your arthropods! Arthropods range from insects to crustaceans to arachnids and more! Come learn the differences and the similarities and meet some live critters on your entomological quest!

Yucky Bugs Are Beautiful
Raleigh Charter High School Biology Club
Come make origami bugs while learning about their body parts! If you’re up to testing your amazing arthropod knowledge, we have a fun trivia game for everyone!