We have over 100 educational stations, crafts, games and activities at BugFest!

2018 stations coming soon!  Read below for sample of what we had in 2017.

Airbrush Station
Paint Savvy
Themed temporary tattoos with skin-safe paint!  Fee.

Alberti Flea Circus
Share the magic of a traditional Flea Circus!  Meet Paddy O’Reilly Shaughnessy who waves an Irish Flag, Captain Spaulding who is shot from a cannon, and the daring diving bikini-clad Dardenell who does the traditional flea circus high dive.  Show times are 10:45am, noon, 3pm and 6pm.

Ant Picnic VR
Presented by WildEyes. Production by LEVR Studios.
Are ants always ruining your picnic? Which foods they choose to snack on tells scientists something about the food that’s available to them in nature. You can help scientists by preparing your own picnic for ants and reporting the results. Find out more about Ant Picnic and a few of the ants you could meet in your backyard in this Virtual Reality (VR) experience.

Arthropod Olympics
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Become an Arthropod Olympian!  Participate in three events: Dung Ball Races, Ant Races and Bee Races and win a medal and all the glory a bug deserves!

Artifact Bugs: Creators and Destroyers
Department of Natural and Cultural Resources
Some insects helped create some of our most prized historical treasures; other types like to destroy them.  Stop by to learn the role bugs play in family heirlooms and museum collections.

Ask Us! We Won’t Be Bugged!
NC State University Libraries
Insect origami! Bug recipes! Coloring sheets, crayons, and rubber stamps! NCSU Libraries offers fun for the kids and respite for the adults, so come on by and be sure to get your USDA/APHIS Bug Passports stamped!

Audubon Mealworm Necklaces
Wake Audubon Society
Come visit for information on birds and insects and conservation. $2 for a Petri-dish mealworm necklace — you can raise your own pets to see the stages of complete metamorphosis!

Battling Beetles
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Delve into the violent world of large scarab beetles!  Learn how males duke it out to win the favor of a female.  Test your beetle ID skills at the beetle spinner game!

Bayer: Science for a Better Life
Bayer is driven to find solutions that will help overcome some of the most urgent challenges facing agriculture today. Stop by to learn more and to see up close some insects that affect agriculture.

Bed Bugs
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Enter — if you dare — the world of bed bugs!  Learn how these parasites have made humans their host.

Bio Bug Patrol
USDA Forest Service
Meet and learn about the beneficial insects in the forest. These insects are natural enemies of the bad bugs that threaten forests.

Bug Bounce and Super-Slide Inflatables
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
From hop to jump, kids will delight in bouncing like crickets and whooshing like dragonflies in the fabulous inflatables!

Buggin’ Out
Marbles Kids Museum
Join the Marbles STEM Play Corps and play around with creepy crawlies.

Buggy Make-N-Take
The Scrap Exchange
Make your own insect — or any other type of arthropod — with wacky, fun, colorful materials from The Scrap Exchange!

Bug Soap
Arthropod Apothecary
We sell soap with a purpose! Every bar of soap comes with information on why bugs are important to our everyday lives.

Build a Bug with LEGO® Bricks
Play-Well TEKnologies
Design and build a bug made of entirely LEGO® bricks! Play-Well TEKnologies instructors will help you create and build 2D mosaics of your favorite critters, crawlers, and dragonflies.  Hours: 10am-5pm

Bugs that Bug You
NC State University Urban Entomology
“Bugs that Bug You” will introduce you to the world of insects that love you, kiss you, crawl on you and hiss for you. Our research at NCSU focuses on the ecology, behavior and physiology of cockroaches, bedbugs, moths, mosquitoes, ants and termites.

Butterflies and Moths
NC School of Science and Mathematics
Explore the world and life cycle of butterflies and moths! Come pet a tobacco hornworm!

Butterfly and Moth Displays
Moth Man
Butterfly & Moth displays. Local specimens from North Carolina.

Butterfly Citizen Science
Pieris Project
Come learn about a citizen science project about one of the most widespread and abundant butterflies on the planet, one you   probably mistook for a moth – the small cabbage white butterfly. With your help we can learn how this butterfly is adapting to changes in its environment.

Can’t Bite Me
NC State University Departments of Entomology and Textiles
Mosquitoes bite. But not anymore. With many diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes, keeping them under control is a necessity. Repellents don’t always work, and mosquitoes can bite through clothes. Until now. The departments of Entomology and Textiles at NCSU have developed novel cloths that can prevent insects but still be comfortable. Visit our booth to see how we can help you say: “Can’t Bite Me.”

NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Caterpillars come in many amazing shapes and colors, from 6-inch-long silk moths to furry (and stinging!) slug caterpillars. Come meet a huge variety of caterpillars that are native to North Carolina and learn how to attract caterpillars and butterflies to your yard.

Children’s Books
Usborne Books and More
We have fun and educational children’s books on a variety of topics (including bugs!). Books for infants through teens/young adults.

Chinese Folk Arts and Crafts
Tower Bridge International Education
Come see our specialty Folk Artists craft magical dragonfly paintings, silk embroidery, prints, and more! Pick up a kit and learn with the master artists!

Comb, Sweet Comb: Building an On-Campus Beekeeping Community
Beekeepers Club at NC State University
Founded in 2014 on the values of sustainability and community, the Beekeepers Club at NCSU provides students with information on the importance of taking care of honey bees. We would love for you to come say hi!

Cool Crustaceans
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Get a load of that lobster!  Come see a giant lobster molt and meet a few real-live crustaceans.

Create a Termite Trail
North Carolina Entomological Society
Create a maze for termites to follow.

Creating Chemistry to Protect Food, Health, Home and the Environment
BASF Corporation
BASF showcases several of the broad themes for which we create chemistry — protection of crops, health and home — and our Living Acres initiative that encourages growers to provide habitat for pollinators like Monarch butterflies. Stop by for bug games, get your picture taken at the photo booth and see Monarch butterflies up close!
BASF is a presenting sponsor of BugFest 2017.

Creeping Crawlies
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Information on myriapods (centipedes and millipedes) will be featured, as in previous years.

Creepy Critter Fun
The Goddard School
Make dragonfly crafts using pipe cleaners, beads and clothespins, or get a bug “tattoo.”

Developing Insects for Food, Feed, Pharma and Other Valuable Applications
All Things Bugs LLC
This exhibit will highlight the many positive ways that mass-produced or farmed insects have the potential to contribute to a healthier world.  They will show examples and research around the area of insects as sustainable food ingredients, insect farming technology, and their cutting-edge insect genetics work.

Discover ANTS
Students Discover — Team Ant
Learn how to tell feisty fire ants from their relatives, what ants eat and why, and many other cool ant facts. Meet ant experts and explore ant-themed citizen science projects available to students and teachers through studentsdiscover.org.

Don’t Let Your Savings Drag On — Help It Fly!
State Employees’ Credit Union (SECU)
Let SECU show how much fun financial education can be! Representatives will also answer questions about SECU products and services.

Doodlebugs Chalk Art
Paul Dumlao
Come see colorful chalk illustrations of dragonflies and damselflies by local artist Paul Dumlao! Join in the fun and create your own original designs with sidewalk chalk!

Dragonfly Detectives
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Learn about dragonfly research that kids across North Carolina are doing in the Dragonfly Detectives program!  Talk to 4th–8th graders from across the state to learn more about dragonflies and the results of the students’ data collection.

Dragonfly Watermedia Painting Demonstration
Stacy Lewis Studio
Stacy Lewis will be creating one of her fun mixed-media dragonfly paintings using watercolor, inks, acrylics, textured foil and paper.

Evolutionary Biology and Behavior Research Lab
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Learn about ant nest architecture and research from scientists working on the behavior and evolution of social insects here the Museum and at NC State University.

Explore Insect Biodiversity!
Biodiversity Initiative at East Carolina University
Come play games and learn more about insect biodiversity!  They will feature fruit flies, water bugs, and more through hands-on activities for all ages, and tell you about their current scientific research projects.

Face Painting
Paint Savvy
Family fun station with fee-based, bug-themed face painting!

Five County Beekeepers
This educational booth on honey bees and beekeeping will have live bees in an observation hive, products of the hive (honey, beeswax, mead, etc.), beekeeping equipment, and information on how to become a beekeeper.

Forest Invaders!
NCDA&CS Plant Industry Division & NC Forest Service
There’s a disturbance in the forest!  Come check out the newest insects killing North Carolina’s trees.

Franklin County Beekeepers
The club promotes the awareness of the importance of honey bees and educates people on ways to ensure their survival.

Forest Invaders!
NCDA&CS Plant Industry Division & NC Forest Service
There’s a disturbance in the forest!  Come check out the newest insects killing North Carolina’s trees.

Funky Bug Antenna Crowns
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Honor our buggy friends by dressing up like one!  Make your very own Funky Bug Antenna Crown and proudly display your passion for arthropods!

Heroic Horseshoe Crabs
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
It’s a crab! It’s a spider! It’s neither … it’s a horseshoe crab! Come learn about these ancient animals and how they are modern heroes in the biomedical field!

Honey Bees and Honey
Wake County Beekeepers Association
We want to enhance an interest and appreciation of honey bees, and stress the need to protect them.  This is a great chance to learn about and visualize the valuable contributions honey bees make to our everyday lives, not only adding to the beauty of our planet, but also sustaining the ecosystem that supports us.  Come see the live hive!

Honey Bees and Other Pollinators
NC State University Honey Bee Lab
This is an educational exhibit about honey bees, beekeeping, and some of the more common native bees.  There will be an observation hive on hand so you can see the bees at work.

Inchworm SWAP
Girl Scouts — NC Coastal Pines
You will be able to ask questions and fill out a card to find your troop for this year!

Insect Art and Accessories
La Chicharra
Featuring a variety of insect and nature-inspired accessories, home goods, art, and more.

Insect Friend or Insect Foe?
NCDA&CS — Structural Pest Control & Pesticides Division
Not every bug is a bad bug! Come learn about some bugs that are actually super important as well as some that aren’t so friendly to humans.

Insect Macro Photography
Overview of techniques in insect macro photography.

Insect Pathology: What Bugs a Bug?
Basic demonstration of insect pathology (bacterial, fungal, and nematode infections of bugs).

Invertebracelets and Other Creations
Ocelli Creations
Insect-inspired jewelry, cards and other keepsakes for bug lovers.  Come learn about the science and natural history of the invertebrates captured in our jewelry.

Life Cycle of a Caterpillar … A Moving Experience!
Holly Springs School of Dance
Kids can hear the story, “The Hungry Caterpillar,” and go on a magical adventure as they dance the life cycle of the caterpillar!

Life of a Silk Moth
Come see the biggest moth in North America at this interactive exhibit, complete with video of all six stages of the cecropia silk moth’s life cycle!

Live Insect Interactions
NC State University — Entomology Graduate Student Association
Come visit NC State’s Entomology grad students as they present live insects to interact with. Fundraising merchandise will also be available.

Math Doesn’t Bug Me
NC State University Math and CRSC
Participate in fun, interactive math and bugs activities and games. Interact with mathematicians and learn about mathematics applied to or motivated by biology.

North Carolina State Parks
Information about North Carolina State Parks, monarchs and activities about monarchs including using butterfly nets to catch “fake” monarchs.

NC State University
An informative display on mosquito biology.

Native Bees Build it Better
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Open your eyes to the wonder of native bees! There will be native bee information, including life cycle, comparison to other bees and wasps, and instruction plans for building native bee nests in one’s own yard.

Native Plants
Cure Nursery
Cure Nursery carries a wide range of native trees, shrubs, perennials, bog plants, and pollinator plants!

Native Plants and Pollinators
Saint Mary’s School
Native plants provide pollinators with food, a safe place to lay eggs, and protection from predators. Help save pollinators by creating native plant “pit stops”!

NC Giant Silk Moths
Bob Palmatier Nature Illustration
The luna moth definitely has the best press of all giant silk moths. But Piedmont North Carolina has six other giant silk moths that rival the luna in beauty, with caterpillars that seem almost tropical in size, with vivid colors. Learn about them all!

Nifty Nymphs
Discovery Room, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Come take a close-up look at baby dragonflies in our nature bowl and watch them eat mosquito larvae!

Oh, Grow Up
Prairie Ridge Ecostation, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Did you know dragonfly nymphs are aquatic? Match up some live ones with photos of their adult forms.

Pest Management in North Carolina
Center for Integrated Pest Management
Learn about how to identify pests and beneficial insects, as well as ways to control pests at home that don’t always involve chemicals.

Predators of Prey
Piedmont Wildlife Center
Come learn about different predators of our insect friends, including Jackson, the Mississippi kite.

Predatory Plants
NC State University and NC Botanical Garden
For some plants, it’s Café Insecta all summer long. North Carolina is home to more than 30 species of carnivorous plants, including the Venus’ flytrap and many others. Stop by to see how these plants “hunt,” what they’ve been catching, and how some bugs manage to stay safe.

Protecting American Agriculture
USDA-APHIS protects US fruits, vegetables, and the environment from invasive insects.  There will be lots of insect boxes for show, and tattoos and hand stamps for kids.

Roachingham 500 Roach Races
Junior Curators, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Watch Madagascar hissing cockroaches race! The JCs will do a few rounds of Buggy Bingo in between Roach Races, so come check out this station!

Robot Insect Paintings and Prints
Zendustria Studios, LLC
Zendustria Studios has a modern twist on classical scientific illustration: insect paintings with mechanical details.

Sandy Feat
Navigate to the Plaza to see the one, the only, the AMAZING Sandy Feat Sand Sculpture!  This year’s fabulous creation will feature BugFest’s 2017 theme arthropod, the dragonfly. Watch the sculptors etch away the sand to reveal the snazzy dragonfly scene, create your own masterpiece at the base, and ask questions of the sculptors.

Spider Diversity
Shaw University
This exhibit focuses on the diversity of spiders and their behavior.

Stag Beetle Battles
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Jump into a stag beetle costume and enter the arena!  The battles begin!  See if you can triumph over your friend and win the day!

STEM in Scouting!
Boy Scouts of America, Pack 500 Cub Scouts
Come help the baby insect larva escape the feeding frenzy of the dragonfly! Making simple physics fun and learning enjoyable.

Stump the Experts
Department of Entomology, NC State University
Arthropod identification experts will be available to help people identify their specimens, images and descriptions of critters.  Information on the biology, habits, foods and distributions of those critters will also provided.

Tarantulas Exposed!
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Burrow into the fascinating world of tarantulas, one of Earth’s largest arachnids!  Observe up close several LIVE specimens from the Museum’s collection. Learn about molting, reproduction, limb regeneration, and much more!

Terminix — Urban Insects
Terminix Company of North CarolinaNimocks Group
The Terminix exhibit will provide information on insects and related species as seen in urban environments.
Terminix is a presenting sponsor of BugFest 2017.

The Bug Vet
Avian and Exotic Animal Care
Pet invertebrates need veterinary care just like other pets do.  Check out the veterinary practice that sees pet bugs and other unusual pets.

The Buzz about Bugs and Microbes
NC State University Plant Pathology Graduate Student Association
Learn about insects’ relationships with microbes and plants!

The Lab
Museum of Life and Science
Come and visit our live bugs from around the world.

There’s a Bug in My Soup
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
You are what you eat … so you might be a bug!  Learn about all the bugs that are allowed in everyday food products!

Todos Leyendo Spanish Bookstore
We will be bringing a collection of bug themed books in Spanish for sale. Good quality Spanish language books are hard to find, and this will be an all bugs book display!

T-Shirt Sales
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Check out the 2017 BugFest t-shirt featuring our theme arthropod … the dragonfly!  Vintage shirts will also be available.

Red Hen Enterprises
See how earthworms and black soldier flies turn food waste into compost. Meet mealworms and learn about their life cycle.

Veterinary Medicine and Insects
NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Invertebrate Club
Students from the NCSU vet school will be discussing insect medicine.

Wake County Extension Master Gardeners
Wake County Extension Master Gardeners Program
Master Gardeners will be on hand to provide gardening advice about topics such as vegetable gardening, caring for lawns, planting for wildlife, and dealing with insect and disease problems.

What Is a Bug?
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Know your arthropods! Types of arthropods range from insects to crustaceans to arachnids and more!  Come learn the similarities and differences and meet some live critters on your entomological quest!

Who Else Eats Your Food? Welcome to the World of Agricultural Pests
Crops today are bombarded by lots of different bugs. AgBiome is trying to come up with novel solutions to solve this problem. Stop by their booth to learn about and meet some of our major agricultural pests!

WildEyes Presents BugVR — Produced by LEVR Studios
Visual World Investigate Lab, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the size of an insect? BugVR features a close-up Virtual Reality (VR) experience with a few of the Museum’s most exciting insects.

Winged Dragons
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Discover dragonflies; small but fierce predators of a watery world. Play games to enter the realm of these ancient insects, then craft your own bright-winged dragonfly to take home.

Wire Art Insects
JD Wire Art
Hand-crafted wire and bead art made by Jonathan Daniel, Zimbabwean wire artist.

Wonderful World of Orthoptera
NC Entomological Society
Leap into the world of Orthoptera and meet some amazing critters!  Fly with the grasshoppers, dig with the mole crickets and sing with the katydids!

Wonders of Waterbugs
NC Department of Environmental Quality
DEQ’s exhibit will feature touch-me tanks with a variety of live aquatic insects, as well as the Big Buggy Prize Wheel and free educational materials.

Worms Eat My Garbage
Wake County Solid Waste
Worms can turn food waste into a rich soil amendment called vermicompost, or “black gold,” as it is also known. Vermicomposting is easy, involves little work, and can be done indoors or out, all year round. Learn how to turn trash into treasure at the vermicomposting exhibit.

Your Backyard Jungle
NC State University
A showcase of the insects found in a typical Raleigh backyard. Come meet the neighbors!

Yucky Bugs Are Beautiful
Raleigh Charter Biology Club
Come make origami bugs while learning about their body parts! If you’re up to testing your amazing arthropod knowledge, we have a fun trivia game for everyone!