All activities are from 7-10pm unless otherwise noted.


9:15pm: 90s Dance Contest
Daily Planet Theater Dance Floor
Get ready to Hammer, Vogue, Tootsee Roll and get Jiggy with it! Our 90s Dance Party in the Globe ends with an opportunity to be crowned the Throwback Thursday Dance King or Queen. So strap on your dancing shoes and get ready to rock. Presented by White Street Brewing Co.

Virtual Reality by Google Cardboard
Virtual reality has come a long way since the bulky headsets of 90s arcade games Dactyl Nightmare and Legend Quest. Enjoy an interactive demo of Cardboard, a simple and affordable way to enjoy immersive experiences on your smartphone. Presented by Google Fiber.

Jam Like Jordan
1st Floor Atrium
Slam dunk like the pros in our 12′ inflatable basketball court. Presented by Citrix.


The real Animal Junction is the Duke Lemur Center, the largest and most diverse lemur colony outside of Madagascar and the home of the late Zoboomafoo. Remember your lemur facts from Chris and Martin Kratt? Test your knowledge at lemur trivia and enter to win a private tour to meet these incredible animals up-close.

Crocodile Hunter
Meet some feisty Sheilas like an American alligator and a dwarf caiman while learning all about the animals that make us yell “Crikey” from the Museum’s very own Steve Irwin impersonator.

Toy Box
Naturalist Center
Get nostalgic in the Naturalist Center. Reunite with your childhood toys and learn about the animals that inspired them.

“Bob Nye” the Science Guy
Natural World iLab
Watch “Bob Nye” conduct experiments and then step inside the Natural World iLab to conduct your own. Presented by Atlantic Brew Supply.

Race to see who can collect the most “Heart of the Ocean” gems before falling victim to the icy waters. Selfie photo op.


Cooler than JNCO: Genes in the 90s
Genomics & Microbiology Lab
Dolly the cloned sheep, the Human Genome Project, and the invention of new technology in the 90s revolutionized the science of genetics, genomics and microbiology. Visit the Genomics and Microbiology Lab to see what cool discoveries were made in the 90s and try your hand at creating a clone, matching a local celebrity to their armpit microbes, or challenging your friends in genome ID games.

Cretaceous Park
What do the 90s mean to paleontologists? See real fossils of critters that lived in the U.S. 90 million years ago. Plus, see how our views of prehistoric animals have changed over time and the cutting edge techniques paleontologists use to put the flesh back on the bones of dinosaurs. Grant and Sattler would definitely endorse this exhibit!

Pathogen GO
Youth, Family and Community Sciences at NC State
Using Snapchat and Twitter, players will snap pictures and complete activities to catch foodborne pathogens. Learn about foodborne pathogens, how to prevent them from making you sick and compete with your friends for a prize!

Oregon Trail
Visual World iLab
Can you survive the Oregon Trail? Relive your favorite 90s computer game. Try not to die of dysentery.

Spin the Roulette Wheel: 90s Health Foods
Micro World iLab
Remember all those favorite 90s “health foods” like Lunchables, Bagel Bites, Bugles, Gushers and more? What difference does a diet make? Spin the roulette wheel, measure the amount of sugar or salt and compare your results to the approved daily allowances. Decide whether your consumption of those foods has given you good health, diabetes or hypertension. PLUS: What if you had to survive in the wilderness and all you had with you were Count Chocula cereal, duct tape and NO BOWL! Construct a waterproof bowl from duct tape and see if it will hold water.

Dead Tech
How big of a pocket would you need to hold all the 90s tech found in a smartphone? Find out with the A/V Geeks.

Raleigh in the 90s: A Retrospective
Check out some rarely seen archival content exploring the shifting face and landscape of Raleigh from the NC State Archives.


(Rubber) Ducks Fly Together
Relive the battle between the Mighty Ducks and the Hawks, and maybe learn something about ducks in the 90s while you’re at it! Prizes awarded to the winning team.

Pikachu or Kinkajou?
Are you better at identifying creatures in the Pokémon universe… or the real universe? Find out!

Retro Game Room
4th floor Environmental Conference Center
Enjoy classic arcade games: Rampage World Tour, Marvel vs. Capcom, Mortal Kombat and Time Crisis 2. Play corn hole, 90s-era board games, Magic Eye 3D stereograms and more! Showcase your talents on classic gaming systems, such as Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis. Presented by Boxcar Bar + Arcade.

The Brew is Right
Remember those days you stayed home from school/work and watched the Price is Right? Well, it’s back … homebrew style. It’s your chance to win – in true Price is Right fashion – ingredients to brew beer right in your own home. Presented by Atlantic Brew Supply.