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Brian Malow, Curator of the Daily Planet, presents an interview with cicada expert Chris Simon
Interview with a Cicada (Expert)

Chris Simon has been studying cicadas for nearly four decades.

Ian Hewitt and Tony Rice
Science Cafe: NASA Missions, Solar System Secrets

The Clouds of Jupiter Credit: Voyager Project, JPL, NASA

Science Cafe: The Story of Honey Bees with Dr. David Tarpy
Science Cafe: The Story of Honey Bees

Ever wonder how many flowers a bee needs to visit in order to make one teaspoon of honey?

Science Cafe: Living Dinosaurs with Lindsay E. Zanno, Ph.D., June 13, 2013
Science Cafe: Living Dinosaurs

Over the past two decades paleontologists have been meticulously piecing together the greatest dinosaur survival story of all time — living birds.

Dr. Ian Gilby, Co-director, The Jane Goodall Institute Research Center
Science Cafe: Why Be Nice? Cooperation Among Wild Chimpanzees

Male chimpanzees compete intensely with each other over food, status and females.

Science Cafe: Animal Hybrids Video

Ligers and tigons — they sound like made-up creatures from Greek mythology, but they're not! They are the real result when lions and tigers mate and create hybrid animals.

Special Exhibit: Dinosaurs in Motion, Where Art & Science Meet, May 18-September 8
Dinosaurs in Motion Press Conference

Press Conference for the Dinosaurs in Motion Special Exhibit, May 17, 2013.

NRC Director Meg Lowman gives a TEDx talk at the NC School of Science and Math.
Meg Lowman's TEDx talk "How I Climb Trees to Save Forests"

NRC Director Meg Lowman gives a TEDx talk a

Museum Director Emlyn Koster, PhD, on UNC-TV's North Carolina Now
Museum Director Emlyn Koster, PhD, on North Carolina Now

Museum Director Emlyn Koster on North Carolina Now speaking about leading museums and his vision for our Museum.



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