Science Cafe: NASA Missions, Solar System Secrets

The Clouds of Jupiter Credit: Voyager Project, JPL, NASAJoin us to learn about NASA robotic missions currently en route to an outer planet and a former planet. The Juno mission was launched in 2011 on a 5-year trip to study the magnetic field, gravity and atmosphere of Jupiter. New Horizons was launched in 2006 on a 10-year trip to study the makeup of Pluto's surface and atmosphere. Hear the latest status of these missions, and learn how their data will help scientists better understand the formation of solar systems (including our own!) 

About Our Speakers

Tony Rice is a software engineer working locally in network research and development. He volunteers his time with the NASA Langley Research Center Speakers Bureau as well as the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Solar System Ambassador program, and speaks on space exploration at schools, museums and planetaria in North Carolina and beyond.  

Ian Hewitt is also a volunteer with the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Solar System Ambassador program, as well as co-chair of the Raleigh Astronomy Club. He is a Senior Field Application Engineer with degrees in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering, and has written numerous articles for technical journals and community newsletters.  

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