Science Cafe: Living Dinosaurs

Since childhood we’ve been told that dinosaurs have been dead for 65 million years. Yet over the past two decades paleontologists have been meticulously piecing together the greatest dinosaur survival story of all time — living birds. Join Museum Paleontologist Dr. Lindsay Zanno as she explains how science has recently overcome the fallacy of dinosaur extinction. The truth just may change your view of the planet forever.

About our Speaker

Lindsay E. Zanno, Ph.D., is Director of the Nature Research Center’s Paleontology and Geology Research Lab. Zanno’s main research interest is the evolution of theropod dinosaurs — a group that includes the iconic megapredator T. rex as well as living birds. Although theropods are widely known as “predatory” dinosaurs, Zanno’s research has demonstrated extensive dietary diversity among the feathered, bird-like theropods, including plant eating. Zanno is also one of the world’s leading experts on a rare and wacky group of plant-eating theropods dubbed therizinosaurs, some of which had hand claws more than a meter long. Zanno also heads up a vibrant field program, which focuses on patterns of faunal turnover, extinction, and replacement in ancient terrestrial ecosystems of the U.S.

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