Science Cafe: Hurricanes in NC - Nate Johnson

Sixteen years ago, Hurricane Fran made landfall near Southport and moved across eastern and central North Carolina, leaving almost half of the state in tatters and defining the inland hurricane experience for a generation. Since then, advances in meteorology, oceanography, and computer modeling have cut hurricane forecast track error in half, but we are still no better at forecasting their intensity today than we were in 1996. Understanding how people react to, prepare for, and communicate about hurricanes only adds to the challenges the storms present on their own— but may present the best opportunity to reduce injuries, deaths, and damage due to hurricanes in the future. We will talk about how meteorologists forecast hurricanes, how researchers are working to improve our understanding of hurricanes in order to improve those forecasts, and what we know—and don't know—about the intersection between hurricanes and us. More Information

[NOTE: NOT LIVE-- Broadcast September 6, 2012.]

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