Science Cafe: The Human Animal Bond

When we think of the human-animal bond, we most often think of companion animals (pets) and how they enrich our lives. But animals also touch our lives in other ways — from the food we eat, the products we consume and the health care advances we enjoy to the entertainment and support services they provide. The relationship humans have with animals is complex and influenced by culture, religion, class, society — even our employment.  Join us for a conversation about the many positive roles animals play in our lives and in our society.

About the Speaker

Jeannine Moga is a licensed clinical social worker whose specialties include human-animal relationships, including the connections between human health/well-being and animal health/well-being, the role animals have in our lives and society, animal loss and animal-assisted interventions. Jeannine provides counseling and support to clients of NC State University’s Veterinary Health Complex and lectures widely about the human-animal bond, family-centered veterinary care and compassion fatigue to professionals in mental health, veterinary medicine and animal welfare.

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