Meg Lowman interviewed by Grist

Dr. Meg Lowman, Director of the Nature Research Center, was interviewed by the website Grist.

‘Canopy Meg’ wants you to care about the rainforest, By Samantha Larson
Meg Lowman climbs trees for a living. A botanist by training, she wanted to study the rainforest canopy. The only way to get answers, she says, was to get up there herself. So back in the 1970s, using her own makeshift equipment, she figured out how.


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This interview is part of the Generation Anthropocene project, in which Stanford students partake in an inter-generational dialogue with scholars about living in an age when humans have become a major force shaping our world.

Samantha Larson is a master’s student in Earth Systems at Stanford, with an emphasis in environmental journalism. She likes to spend as much of her time as possible playing in the mountains and diving under the sea.

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