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Natural Connections Pilot
Natural Connections Pilot: Dino-mite!!

Join us on an adventure back in time to learn about dinosaurs!

Teen Science Cafe: Cownose Rays
Teen Science Cafe: Getting from A to B: Making Ocean Connections

In this Teen Science Café, Doreen McVeigh uses her study organisms, cownose rays and deep-sea invertebrates, to explain the fascinating ways organisms move and connect with each other.

How to Eat Like a Lemur - Lemurs from the Duke Lemur Center
Smithsonian Science How?: How to Eat Like a Lemur

"How to Eat Like a Lemur" with Chris Smith, education specialist at Duke Lemur Center, is the second presentation in the "Smithsonian Science How?" program.

Bill Reynolds, Curator, Coordinator for the Arthropod Zoo
Smithsonian Science How?: Arthropod Adaptations

The Smithsonian Institution selected the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences as a partner for "Smithsonian Science How?" a new program to deliver real-world science directly into classrooms through free, interactive live webcasts and classroom resources.

Dr. Danielle N. Lee
Science Cafe: Giant, Bomb-Sniffing African Rats!

While some rats may have bad rap, the African giant pouched rat (Cricetomys ansorgei) is

Emily Meineke: Pursuing PhD at NCSU in Entomology
Teen Science Café: Lions and Tigers in Trees

Why we can’t live without insect predators and what we know about how we are changing their well-being — and, therefore, our own — as we change the Earth.

Jeannine Moga, Clinical Counselor, NCSU Veterinary Clinic
Science Cafe: The Human Animal Bond

A conversation about the many positive roles animals play in our lives and in our society.

Dr. Emlyn Koster on North Carolina Now
Dr. Emlyn Koster interviewed on UNC-TV

Museum Director Dr. Emlyn Koster is interviewed on North Carolina Now. Aired January 7, 2014.

Josh Fuchs
Teen Science Cafe: Starry Translators

Josh discussed how telescopes work and collect light, and teens had the chance to practice and see for themselves the different ways astronomers use light.



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