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Museum hosts presentation by Diana Reiss, author of “The Dolphin in the Mirror”

RALEIGH — It’s long been known that dolphins possess keen intelligence and self awareness – a trait once thought to be uniquely human. And dolphins have fascinated humans for centuries. Some ancient cultures even worshipped dolphins and condemned anyone who harmed them. Yet dolphins around the globe are often mistreated and even slaughtered. Join us for a conversation with Diana Reiss, professor of psychology at Hunter College in New York, activist and author of “The Dolphin in the Mirror: Exploring Dolphin Minds and Saving Dolphin Lives,” at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Friday, February 22 at 7pm. Free.

Reiss is the world’s leading expert on dolphin intelligence, and has helped lead the revolution in dolphin understanding for three decades. In addition, she is a leading rescuer and tireless crusader against their annual slaughter by Japanese fishermen. In her book, “The Dolphin in the Mirror,” Reiss combines her science and activism to show us just how smart dolphins really are, and why we must stop mistreating them. She describes the astonishing sonar capabilities of dolphins, their sophisticated, lifelong playfulness, their emotional intelligence, and their ability to bond with other species, including humans and even dogs. The book title is based on Reiss’ most famous experiments, in which she used a mirror to prove that dolphins are self-aware, and even self-conscious. Her beloved companion dolphins, each with distinct personalities, create their own toys, type commands on a keyboard, tease and scold her playfully, and express their affection and delight. 

The presentation will be held in the Main Auditorium at 7pm. Arrive early (6pm) for poster presentations from local college students focusing on animal behavior and dolphin science. Snacks and drinks provided free-of-charge.


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Monday, February 18, 2013