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From dinosaurs to giant penguins: Fossil Fair featured at Museum of Natural Sciences

Take a giant step back … in time, as the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences hosts Fossil Fair on Saturday, November 6, 9 am–5 pm. The state’s largest event dedicated to fossils and paleontology returns to the Museum for the first time in three years, and features dozens of displays, activities and presentations about fossils from North Carolina and around the world. Free.

Discover what it's like to be a paleontologist as you meet the experts, and their fossils, face to face. Talk with curator of paleontology Vince Schneider and see some of the 230-million-year-old reptiles he has been discovering in nearby Chatham County. Learn about 36-million-year-old giant fossil penguins from research associate Dan Ksepka, who co-authored a paper appearing in the September 30 issue of Science. Meet paleontologist Paul Brinkman, author of "The Second Jurassic Dinosaur Rush," which takes a look at the birth of dinomania and the modern obsession with all things Jurassic.

You can also chat with scientific illustrator Liz Bradford as she brings dinosaurs to life through art. Bring in your own discoveries for identification or uncover fossils to identify and take home as you sift through a load of Aurora fossil dirt. Check out “living fossils” such as alligators and Uromastyx lizards. Make your own dino-glider craft and much more. Fossil Fair is sponsored by PCS Phosphate and presented in collaboration with the NC Fossil Club.