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Chimney swift tower groundbreaking at Prairie Ridge Ecostation April 17

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Media and the community invited to chimney swift tower groundbreaking at Prairie Ridge Ecostation

RALEIGH—Members of the media are invited to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ Prairie Ridge Ecostation on Thursday, April 17 at 10 a.m. for a special groundbreaking of a new chimney swift roost tower. Through a collaboration between the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and Wake Audubon Society, this event launches the beginning of construction of a permanent, protected tower made possible by the Toyota TogetherGreen Innovation grant. The tower will serve as a restorative home for more than 5,000 swifts, allowing long-term monitoring of the birds and educating the public with an intimate view of these birds and their roosting habitat. Frank Harmon Architect designed the tower and Clancy & Theys will build it. Prairie Ridge Ecostation is located off of Blue Ridge Rd. and Reedy Creek Rd., west of the National Guard checkpoint.

This event will begin with a news conference with remarks from key participants who will discuss the challenges and successes of this project with a media Q&A session to follow. Podium participants and interview opportunities include Jason Cryan, Deputy Director for Research & Collections at the Museum, John Connors, Wake Audubon Society, Project Manager and Overseer of Installation of the tower, John Gerwin, Museum Research Curator of Birds, and Heather Starck Hahn, Executive Director/Vice President, Audubon North Carolina. The public is also invited to attend.

After Q&A, there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony and the first turning of the soil where the tower will be erected, followed by an in-depth bird walk for additional photo opportunities. Participants on the walk will learn about and see several birds along the way, make a stop by a purple martin colony, and hear more about the Nest Watch project. There will also be a bird banding station where the media and visitors can learn how to use a mist net and bird banding equipment.

For more information contact Emelia Cowans at 919.707.9837 or via email at emelia.cowans@naturalsciences.org.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014