About Us

Affiliates & Partners

Museum affiliate groups foster research, education and an appreciation of our natural heritage. These groups hold regular meetings at the Museum as well as outings/events that are open to the public. Visit their Web sites or use the contact information below for more information.

Carolina Bird Club

The club is open to anyone interested in the study and conservation of wildlife, particularly birds. Contact hq@carolinabirdclub.org.

North Carolina Entomological Society

The organization promotes entomological research activities, interactions among professional and amateur entomologists, and public education. Contact Kelly Oten at kelly.oten@ncagr.gov or Victor Mascarenhas at victor.mascarenhas@syngenta.com.

North Carolina Fossil Club

The North Carolina Fossil Club is a hobby-based organization that engages in and supports the study, enjoyment and collection of fossils. The NCFC has general club meetings at 1:30pm on the third Sunday of January, March, May, July and September usually in the Museum's Level A Conference Room. Every three years in November, the Club partners with the Museum to hold their annual Fossil Fair.  Each meeting includes a guest speaker or other fossil related program followed by a general business meeting and a "show and tell" period. Guests are welcome. Contact Mike Bruff at ncfossilclub@gmail.com.

North Carolina Herpetological Society

The society is made up of amateur and professional herpetologists who work to achieve conservation of reptiles and amphibians through public education, distribution of scientific information and research activities. Contact Jerry Reynolds at jerry.reynolds@naturalsciences.org or 919.707.9884.

North Carolina Native Plant Society

The society promotes the enjoyment and conservation of North Carolina’s native plants. Contact Margaret Partridge at margaret@ncwildflower.org.

North Carolina Shell Club

The club promotes conchology and malacology; interest in shell collecting with an emphasis on conservation and accountability; and understanding of the diversity of mollusks. Contact Ed Shuller at eshuller@mindspring.com or 919.362.5833.

Raleigh Astronomy Club

The club promotes amateur astronomy, and its members watch the skies at the club’s observatory or other dark-sky locations. Call 919.460.7900.

Tar Heel Gem & Mineral Club

The club promotes interest in mineralogy, paleontology, earth sciences and lapidary techniques among club members and the public. Contact Kenny Gay at kenny.gay@naturalsciences.org or 919.604.2376.

Triangle Troglodytes Grotto

The organization is dedicated to cave conservation, exploration and education.

Wake Audubon Society

The Society has a diverse group of members who share a common interest in the conservation of all wildlife, stewardship of the environment and protection of biodiversity. Contact John Connors at 919.707.9269.