About Us

About Us

Welcome to a Remarkable Museum

Emlyn Koster, PhDThe North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is the State’s most visited attraction, the largest institution of its type in the southeast U.S., and was recently adjudicated to be among the top twenty of the nation’s 17,500 museums for outstanding community service.

In 2012 at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, representatives from forty natural history institutions across North America issued this declaration:

Humanity is embedded within nature and we are at a critical moment in the continuity of time. Our collections are the direct scientific evidence for evolution and the ecological interdependence of all living things. The human species is actively altering the Earth’s natural processes and reducing its biodiversity. As the sentient cause of these impacts, we have the urgent responsibility to give voice to the Earth’s immense story and to secure its sustainable future.

To achieve even greater success in the pursuit of these responsibilities, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is on a strategic journey to strengthen its mission contexts, further integrate its research programs and learning experiences, probe its audience impacts, and grow and diversify its funding support. We warmly welcome your comments, questions and assistance.

Meanwhile, may your time here be as special as it was for this grandmother:

To your most courteous staff … Thank you for a wonderful — actually fabulous — day. My first at the Museum. Between the stunning architectural design and hands-on exhibits, the pleasure seeing little kids, big kids, lots of teenagers  and ‘regular folks’ like me enjoying it all so much. A sheer pleasure knowing future generations will enjoy it as well. A credit to you all and the State of North Carolina.

On behalf of the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Museum’s staff, volunteers, partners, donors and councils, the Friends of the Museum and Museum Advisory Commission, please know that your interests in the natural world and in our efforts are profoundly appreciated.

Emlyn Koster, PhD
Director, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences