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Science Cafe: New Dog on the Block

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Science Talks
Nov. 15, 2012 | Thursday, 7:00pm
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Discussion beginning at 7:00 followed by Q&A
Location: Nature Research Center - Daily Planet Science Cafe, Raleigh

Camera trap photo of coyote by Fred JohnsonThe new canine that is loose in your neighborhood might not be a dog that belongs to the people down the street.  Coyotes have moved to North Carolina and have quickly made themselves at home.  These newcomers elicit many different feelings from people ranging from wonder to curiosity to fear.  Come and learn more about the ecology, behavior and hybrid genetics of your new neighbors.

About the Speaker

Dr. Roland Kays is the Director of the Museum’s Biodiversity and Earth Observation Research Lab.  He is also a Professor in the Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Program at NC State University, as well as a Research Associate at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.  Roland has a broad interest in ecology and conservation, especially of mammals, and is an expert in using new technologies to study free-ranging animals. Dr. Kays’ research utilizes both high-tech and traditional methods of data collection, combining his new field work with the study of museum collections.

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