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Astronomy Days

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Jan. 25, 2014 | Saturday, 9:00am
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Saturday, Jan 25, 9am-5pm; Sunday, Jan 26, noon-5pm
Location: Museum of Natural Sciences

The Museum partners with the Raleigh Astronomy Club to celebrate astronomy and showcase the ongoing research and missions.  Demonstrations, children’s activities, mini workshops, and special lectures will make this event fun for the whole family!

Astronomy Talks

Saturday, January 25

Sunday, January 26


  • Age, Weight & Jumping on Other Planets — The Raleigh Astronomy Club
  • Ask an Astronomer — The Raleigh Astronomy Club
  • Astrophotography — The Raleigh Astronomy Club
  • Exoplanets — The Raleigh Astronomy Club
  • Modeling the Cosmos — The Raleigh Astronomy Club
  • Scale of the Universe — The Raleigh Astronomy Club
  • Solar Observing — The Raleigh Astronomy Club
  • Telescopes on Display — The Raleigh Astronomy Club
  • The Constellation Orion — The Raleigh Astronomy Club
  • Chapel Hill Astronomical and Observational Society
  • Thermal Imaging — Duke Energy 
  • Meteorites — Duke University, Media Arts & Sciences
  • DART Target Rockets — Durham Area Rocketry Team
  • North Carolina Academy of Science
  • State Wide Star Party — NC Science Festival & Morehead Science Center
  • Physics in Astronomy — NC State University Astrophysics
  • Face Painting — Paint Savvy
  • Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute
  • In Saturn’s Rings — SV2 Studios
  • Space Innovation & Design — Town of Cary
  • Astronomy Fact or Fiction — Triangle Skeptics
  • High Power Rocketry — Tripoli Rocketry Association
  • Weightless Lumbees Microgravity Research Team — UNC-Pembroke
  • Classifying Galaxies — UNC-Chapel Hill Physics and Astronomy
  • Phases of the Moon — UNC-Chapel Hill Physics and Astronomy
  • Ancient Navigational Tools — NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Animals of the Constellations — NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Arthropods of the Zodiac — NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Blast Off! Bottle Rockets — NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Bringing Back the Night Sky — NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • How Craters Are Formed — NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Make & Take Star Chart — NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Paint Comets — NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Special Meteorite Tours

3pm Saturday and Sunday
Dr. Rachel L. Smith
Director of Astronomy & Astrophysics, NC Museum of Natural Sciences; Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Appalachian State University 

Meet outside the Astronomy and Astrophysics Lab on the third floor of the Nature Research Center.

Chelyabinsk, Russian Meteorite!

In February 2013, a piece of an asteroid about the same size as the Daily Planet Theater entered the Earth’s atmosphere above the small Russian city of Chelyabinsk. It exploded more than 15 miles above the city, releasing the energy of about 30 atomic bombs. The blast injured more than a thousand people.   The Museum will display fragments and a slice of the meteorite, making its exhibit debut Astronomy Days Weekend!  Check it out and learn more on the third floor of the Nature Research Center!

Volunteer for Astronomy Days! (Ages 13 and up)

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